About us


When Rated Driving Instructors CEO, Kevin was studying to become a driving instructor in 2017 he was amazed that there was nowhere to advertise his business and no easy way for learners to find him. With that, he roped in Paul and Ollie to work with him on the mission to transform the way learners and instructors find each other.

We use technology to enable instructors to create an online profile which simply details their prices, promotions, key information and most importantly their rating which has been generated by previous learners. We then advertise to learners in the areas we have recruited instructors allowing the supply of instructors to meet the demand of learners and creating a marketplace.

The purpose of Rated Driving Instructors is to address the three big existing challenges facing the industry – accessibility of instructors’ online, complexity of being able to compare offers and the lack of transparency in the quality of instructors.

We are based in Kent where the launch of the site is initially focusing but with the three big challenges which we’ve set out to address certainly not being exclusive to Kent the plan is to rapidly expand across all areas of the UK over the coming months. There’s a long journey ahead but the engine is running and we’re buckled in!

If you are keen to know more or have any feedback to share then please do get in contact by emailing support@rateddrivinginstuctors.com

If you’re an instructor and you would like to boost your business by being listed on Rated Driving Instructors, the first instructor marketplace of its kind then join now to start your journey.

What our learners think

I highly recommend Tarek at Hero Driving School. To my surprise I was on the road with him within 30 minutes of the first lesson. He was incredibly patient whilst still pushing me outside of my comfort zone, making each lesson stress-free but still leaving me feeling like I have learnt so much. Couldn't ask for a better instructor. - Google review

Jakub Drawert Rated Masum Ahmed

My experience with Dave was very pleasant, he was always on time and was always very calm about the mistakes I made behind the wheel. I highly recommend Dave as he got me through my test first time. - Facebook review

Scott Benning Rated David Andrews

Past first time, brilliant instructor brilliant price thank you sg Pro - Google review

mohammed hafizul islam Rated Saleh Goni

nick is amazing! great instructor who works really well with you to help improve anything you struggle on! nothing is too much for him and hes always there to help guide you through! you wont find a better instructor than nick! I cant reccomend him enough! - Facebook review

Lauren Beardsley Rated Nick Salzen

Thank heavens for Mutlows! Any change of career is a stressful time and it goes without saying that joining a driving school with no experience of the pro's and con's is a minefield. Starting the training takes time and is expensive, the prospect of a franchise is daunting, but here I repeat my earlier words ' THANK HEAVENS FOR MUTLOWS'. Since starting with this school I have found the team to be superbly professional, the training is absolutely top notch and all of the ADI's I have met have been thoroughly helpful and happy to pass on their knowledge and experience. So here I am after eight months with my own diary full of students supplied by the school, a franchise on a school car and absolutely no contract, no upfront monies and no stress or hassle. It's been an absolute pleasure training with 'Devlopment Officer ' Kev Parker. Our training sessions have been tough and thoroughly delivered but in the long run it made the real life work completely manageable. Kev has a wicked sense of humour and our weekly sessions flew by, thanks Kev for your patience and direction. It goes without saying that I am very happy with my new career and my place within the 'Mutlows' team. - Facebook review

Lee Kershaw Rated Michael Grimstead

Great instructor! - Facebook review

Viktoria Robinson Rated Tony Benson

I had another instructor before BjM and couldn't stop stalling the car. One lesson with Baz and I never did again! He is an incredibly patient teacher who knows how to phrase things in way that get you to quickly understand. He has a relaxed demeanour but doesn't let you get away with bad driving. If you want an instructor who will show you how to drive safely but assertively on the road when other drivers aren't, then he is the man for you. I can't recommend him enough, using his knowledge and expertise you will pass for sure.

Luke Greenwood Rated Barry Morgan

Fantastic instructor. My 17 year old daughter really felt at ease with Jason and thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive. Her confidence was so high when she passed, and there’s been no stopping her ever since ! Thank You Jason 👍🏻 - Facebook review

Michelle Wenlock Rated Jason Pain

Ian is a very calm instructor. He gives really clear instructions especially around how to do the manoeuvres that might be in the driving test which I found really useful while I was taking my lessons. Ian was really clear about when I should take my test and didn’t try to book in extra lessons just for the sake of it. The lessons I had were great value for money and I very happily passed my test. - Free Index review

Melissa Hind Rated Ian Kershaw

I can highly recommend mick he’s very calm, patient and easy to get on with. Fantastic driving instructor

Laura Rated Mick Whiting